One of the best ways to ensure your board meetings are efficient and productive is to take the time to prepare. Preparing for a board meeting isn’t just about making sure that you have the proper room and equipment, but ensuring that everyone in your team has the knowledge required to be able to engage in a productive discussion.

Begin by setting the agenda. Getting the date and time established well in advance allows your team the chance to mark their calendars and plan to attend. You can also distribute the materials to the board ahead of time so that your board members will have ample time to examine them prior to the meeting.

During this time it is helpful to consider what topics will be most relevant and essential to discuss. You should also think about what you want to accomplish during the meeting, and include any action items or milestones to achieve. This will help you determine how much time to allot for each task and ensure that your meetings stay organized and on track.

Create a preliminary plan and share it with your board chair, executive team and any other stakeholders. It’s not uncommon for new items to be proposed at this stage, so it’s important to be flexible and flexible when balancing new items. If any items don’t seem appropriate for the meeting, think about parking them or leaving them for a different board meeting.

Additionally, it’s important to have a system in place to record and distribute the minutes. With Boardable, it’s easy to publish and distribute minutes when they’re still fresh. You can assign tasks to board members and track their progress throughout meetings.