If you’re in a one-on-1 call with a client or in a conference with several people making notes is vital to keep track of the information discussed. If you’re struggling to take effective notes, it might be difficult to keep track with the entire meeting or remember important information when you return to your desk. This article will help you improve your note-taking skills so that you can have more effective and well-organized meetings in the future.

Pick a method to take notes that is the most suitable for your needs. There are several methods you can try for note-taking, including the Cornell method, which splits notes into two columns one on the left, and the other on the right. The idea is that the smaller column is a good way to highlight important points from the meeting and the larger one is a deeper dive into the details of each. You can then make a summary of the meeting at the bottom of the page to connect the various ideas.

Keep it simple. You can easily get lost in the details of making notes. However, you must concentrate on what is important to ensure that your notes are useful to those who will read them later. Try not to copy verbatim and instead, use a shorthand or symbols that will be easily recognized when you go back to your notes later on.

Idealy, your team should be able to communicate the agenda for the meeting ahead of time so that you can prepare an outline prior to the meeting. This will keep you from having to record key points during the meeting itself and can keep you on the right track throughout the discussion.