Includes a robust set of tools to work with partners and investors. It includes collaboration, project management CRM, and financial forecasting. Features include access to mobile devices to a dashboard, reporting, and integration with more than 700 other business applications.

A solution for managing partner relationships (PRM) that allows you to communicate with and support your channel partners, including resellers, value added resellers (VARs) affiliates, VARs, and resellers on a single platform. You can track deals, opportunities, and commissions in order to allocate resources fairly and ensure that your product doesn’t eat away at their efforts, and aid them in growing their businesses.

Partner-specific enhancements to user experience, such as improved accessibility and a simpler navigation are becoming more popular. This indicates that users are seeking solutions that focus on their partners and their needs. Innovative features, like AI recommendation engines that optimize partnership matching and engagement strategies, are growing in popularity.

This comprehensive cloud-based solution streamlines marketing and management of affiliate programs. The feature-rich tools allow for tracking, analytics and reporting. A global publisher network is available to boost performance and growth.

Picking the right software for managing your partner needs can be a difficult process, but knowing what to look for will make the decision easier. Begin by focusing on the results you’d like to achieve rather than just comparing features–for instance, you might be looking for a tool that assists you in identifying overlapping opportunities with your SI partners earlier in the sales cycle, so you can take action quickly.