If you’re the chairperson of your board or member of the management team, it’s important to know the ins and outs of board meeting procedures. Knowing these rules can help you ensure that meetings run smoothly, and that important information gets recorded and discussed.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes are an essential element of any board meeting. They provide a official record of the discussions as well as resolutions, votes, and discussions taken by the board. They allow the board to review its decisions at any time, and can be mandated by investors, law enforcement or any other stakeholders.

Setting the Agenda

To ensure a successful meeting the most important thing you can do is to provide an agenda and other pertinent documents well ahead of time to all attendees. This gives attendees the chance to become familiar with the materials and plan questions and suggestions. This will also stop the meeting from becoming overly long by making sure you cover everything on the agenda, and end on time.

Start with the most important concerns

The first step in your board meeting is giving a brief overview of the company, and then proceed to discuss future strategies and policies. This will keep the board energized and engaged during the meeting, and it will ensure that the most important discussions take place first. It is also important to remember that any issues that were not included in the agenda may only be debated at the meeting with the permission of the chairman and approval from a majority of the Directors present at the meeting.