Board portals are an innovation that streamlines meeting management. As opposed to the nascent software which only provided access to board books Modern portals provide more capabilities. If you’re arranging demos with various portal providers, you need to have a list of important questions to ask.

What are the key characteristics of a board portal?

Board portals let you create and distribute agendas using the necessary documents. Portals also offer an easy method of tracking the actions items, votes and resolutions.

During the meeting, boards can comment and collaborate on documents in real time on any device or platform. Portals that prioritize safety can provide eSignatures to speed document signatures, preventing sensitive data from getting into the hands of the wrong people.

Minutes of meetings are automatically generated within the portal, eliminating the need for secretaries to take notes on the spot as the meeting progresses. This means that your board will be able to concentrate on strategic matters and less on the administrative tasks associated with being a director.

Whether you’re considering adopting a new board portal or upgrading your current one, ask about how easy the software is to use. Board members are busy and don’t have the time to spend time learning a new system. Look for features that can help them get used to it like how-to videos and FAQs, remote training sessions and a single contact for technical support. Take note of how the pricing structure of your vendor will fit within your budget.